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Palouse Medical’s laboratory 95% of all tests ordered by our providers are analyzed right here in our clinic. We use state of the art technology and analyzers, and having your lab work done in-house can allow us to decrease the turnaround time on your tests, and work closely with your health care provider.  Having an in-house laboratory saves our patients time and money!

The Palouse Medical Laboratory is both state and Federally (CLIA) certified.  Both internal and external quality-control procedures have been developed to ensure consistent testing and the integrity of your results.  All procedures are performed by Board Certified Laboratory Professionals to ensure precise and accurate results. Our laboratory is fully interfaced with our Electronic Medical Records.  This means that as soon as your tests are completed, the results are directly sent to your chart.

Your Palouse Medical Laboratory is always striving for ways to better serve our patients. We strive to offer the latest in comprehensive testing and are pleased to continue to add to the list of testing we offer.  We have a drawing station with friendly, registered and experienced phlebotomists who are ready to help your experience be as painless as possible!

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Hours: Monday – Friday from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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As always, if you are interested or feel you may benefit from specific laboratory testing, please discuss your thoughts with your provider or contact our office.

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